Last Updated: 2/24/2021 9:32 PM

The D91Proud Choices program is part of the district's ongoing efforts to teach students the importance of making positive choices, which will help them be successful in all aspects of life. It includes six important lessons: 

  • Lesson 1: Choices/Addiction
  • Lesson 2: Social Media/The Brain
  • Lesson 3: Substance Abuse Prevention: Tobacco & Marijuana
  • Lesson 4: Substance Abuse Prevention: Alcohol & inhalants
  • Lesson 5: Identifying Hopes & Plans
  • Lesson 6: Making A commitment

As part of the D91Proud CHOICES program, D91’s elementary school counselors and teachers will be talking to 6th grade students about making healthy lifestyle choices, future plans and commitments.

After each lesson, parents will receive a postcard and an email with conversation starters that you can use to talk to your child about these important topics at home. Information about the lessons also will be available on our district and elementary school websites.

We hope you will join these efforts to help our children become socially and emotionally strong and make D91PROUD CHOICES: Choosing Healthy Options and Inviting Others to Commit to becoming Emotionally Strong.