Earning College Credits

Last Updated: 1/30/2020 6:44 PM

Students today have lots of chances to earn college credits while they’re still in high school, and they can pay for these credits using Idaho’s Advanced Opportunities Program. 

There are many benefits to students earning college credits in high school:

1.      Taking college-level classes can build a student’s academic confidence

2.      Taking rigorous courses helps prepare students for success in college

3.      Earning college credits in high school can reduce college costs

Here are some of the ways D91 students can earn college credits in high school:

·         Advanced Placement Classes:

o   D91 offers a variety of AP classes in lots of different subjects such as U.S. History, Biology, English, Statistics, Chemistry and more.

o   After completing the class, students can choose to take a national AP test. Students earn college credit depending on the score they receive on that test. Different colleges give credit for different scores so students should check with the college they plan to attend to learn what score they need to get college credit.

·         Dual Enrollment Classes:

o   D91 offers a variety of dual enrollment classes, which are taught by a D91 teacher who also is accredited by a college or university.

o   Students must register for the class with D91 and also with that college and university.

o   If students successfully complete the class, they receive both high school and college credits.

o   (Please note: Colleges generally request transcripts from dual enrollment classes and those grades may be considered as part of the college acceptance process.)

·         Concurrent Credit Classes:

o   These classes are not listed in our course catalogs, but are offered at the College of Eastern Idaho or other area colleges.

o   Students picking this path should look for GEM Credit classes, which are basic college classes all students must take. GEM Credit classes are also easy to transfer between Idaho’s colleges and universities.

o   Students picking this path should work closely with their high school counselor to make sure these classes meet D91’s graduation requirements, and also work with a college advisor to make sure they enroll in the most appropriate classes.