Next Steps in Facilities Work

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<p ><br /> D91 is revisiting work to develop a 5- to 10-year facilities plan. The Board of Trustees recently received an update from Cooperative Strategies, which is leading this work to create a long-term plan to update and modernize our facilities.&nbsp;<b >The work will begin with a full-scale community outreach effort, which will give parents, patrons and staff an opportunity to identify the most pressing needs facing the district.&nbsp;</b ><b >Watch for opportunities to get involved in the coming weeks.&nbsp;</b >Getting feedback from the community is critical as the district works to develop a plan the whole community can support.&nbsp;<a href="/docs/district/cooperative strategies/boardmeeting.pdf?id=8521" >Learn more about this project and the timeline</a >. <a href="" >To learn more about the 2019 proposal, click here</a >.&nbsp;</p >

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