Related Services

Last Updated: 7/29/2019 4:01 PM

Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP): 
Provides Speech and Language Therapy for students who have communication deficits that are not related to speaking non-standard English as a result of cultural differences or environmental or economic disadvantages. Speech and Language Pathologists use the following delivery models: individual therapy sessions, small group sessions, online teletherapy sessions and consultation services. SLP services are available to qualified students in all district schools.

Psychological Services:
School Psychologists conduct assessments that help identify exceptionalities and define student strengths and needs. In addition, school psychologists assist schools in identifying students with learning problems through the pre-referral system. The school psychologist is available to provide consultation services for administrators and teachers on individual student needs.

Occupational and Physical Therapy:
Serves students who demonstrate motor skills deficits which prevent them from benefiting from Special Education services. Referral for OT/PT services is made through either the evaluation team or the IEP team. OT and PT services are provided as a related service to students with an IEP and may also be provided to students who have a disability that qualifies for a Section 504 Plan.

Assistive Technology Team:
Provides pre-referral screening and assessment for students who are being considered for Assistive Technology Services. Assistive Technology refers to any devise, piece of equipment or service that may be used to help an individual function independently. The Assistive Technology Team consists of an OT/PT specialist, Speech and Language Pathologist, and technology specialist. Referral to the assistive technology team is made through the IEP team.

Vision & Hearing Impaired Services:
The school district collaborates with the Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and the Blind (IESDB). The district provides services for students with vision and hearing impairments. Services are delivered in general education classroom whenever possible and include a variety of assistive technology devises, braille equipment, staff support, large print books, orientation and mobility training, instruction in sign language and interpreter services as well.” 

Work Based Learning:
This program focuses on students over the age of 16 who need to learn appropriate job behaviors and attitudes in community based settings. The work experience specialist and a job coach develop job tryout opportunities in many private businesses in Idaho Falls. Referrals to work based learning are made through the senior high special education teachers or the consulting special education staff.  The student must have an annual goal for work based learning on their IEP.

Extended School Year Program (ESY): 
This program provides Special Education services to students over the summer. ESY serves students who would be severely impacted by an extended break in services. The IEP team determines eligibility for ESY based upon IDEA requirements.

School Nurses:
The school district employs multiple nurses to meet the individual needs and overall health needs of our students. School nurses provide training on the administration of medication at school, provide first aide and emergency care to students as well.

General education homebound services are provided to students who for reasons of accident, illness, or other extenuating health-related circumstances, find it necessary to interrupt their normal school attendance. Homebound is not the same as home schooling and is not considered a substitute for regular classroom instruction. The homebound provider who visits the student at home, as needed, delivers instruction materials in cooperation with the classroom teacher. The student is not counted as absent while receiving homebound services. The school nurse and the family’s doctor refer students for homebound instruction. Special education homebound services are determined by the IEP team including the school nurse. The IEP goals determine appropriate instruction at the students’ level and amount of service time they will need.