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Joshua Newell, Principal
Phone: (208) 525-7770   
Fax: (208) 525-7778
1767 Blue Sky Dr.
Idaho Falls , ID 83402

OFFICE HOURS 8 am - 4 pm

Attendance: April Reese


Questions? Send them to us

Skyline Vision: 
Skyline High School empowers students.

Skyline Mission Statement: 
The Skyline High School community creates opportunities by building relationships, stimulating curiosity, and providing the academic background for future success.

Monday-Thurs Bell Schedule          Friday Late Start Schedule

1st period            8:30-9:35                 1st period     9:30-10:15

2nd period          9:40-10:40                2nd period    10:20-11:05

3rd period          10:45-11:45               3rd period     11:10-11:55

Grizz Time (Fridays only)                    12:00-12:30

Lunch                 11:45-12:25               Lunch           12:30-1:10

4th period           12:30-1:30                4th period     1:15-2:00

5th period           1:35-2:35                  5th period     2:05-2:50

6th period           2:40-3:40                  6th period      2:55-3:40

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